21 Day fat Loss Kickstart

My name Cheryl McColgan and I have been transformed by low carb living.

If you want to escape yo-yo dieting for good, this book is your first step. Available for purchase on Amazon.

Since 2016, I've been living the low carb lifestyle. January 2017 I went all the way to keto and never looked back. But you don't necessarily need to do that! You have options.

You'll gain the knowledge to create a way of eating lower carb that quashes cravings and gives mental clarity so you can make better health decisions every single day. Plus, you'll find ongoing support with lots of tasty keto recipes and articles to support your new lifestyle at HealNourishGrow.com.

Using this book, you'll learn why eating less carbs is better for your physical health, including your brain. Get rid of the cravings that drive you to poor choices so you can make this a lifestyle full of new, healthy habits rather than just another diet!

Get it today and learn more about the science backed benefits of keto and fasting...

  • Why keto and fasting aren't just about weight loss, research backed benefits for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, anti-aging and more
  • Getting more insulin resistant as we age, keto and higher protein can be great for menopause
  • How ketosis helps balance your hunger hormones, making it easier to make better food choices
  • Why fasting is an important part of weight loss and maintenance as well as great for longevity and metabolic health
  • Why eating an ancestrally consistent diet is important
  • Exactly what you need to do in the 21 day fat loss kickstart protocol
  • Why you need to be eating more protein for optimal body composition and greater health (hint: the RDA is only a minimum to prevent deficiency, not what needed for health)
  • The importance of diet breaks for mental and physical health
  • How to integrate your new, healthy habits and reintroduce more carbs to make this lifestyle sustainable

And much more! Get it at Amazon now, free to borrow if you have Kindle unlimited.

EVERYONE can benefit from this book! If you are looking to lose weight, feel better or just take your health to the next level and optimize, this is for you! Cheryl does an amazing job of breaking down information that can be overwhelming. Her 21 day plan is easy to follow and can be customized to work with anyones lifestyle or busy schedule. She explains the why and science behind everything in an easy to read and understand format. One week into the 3 weeks and I already see a huge improvement in how I feel and how my clothes fit!”

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